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Hyundai Excel workshop printed manual

The Hyundai succeed, also called the Hyundai Pony, Hyundai Presto additionally the Mitsubishi Precis, was an automobile that was created by Hyundai engine Company from 1985 to 2000. The Pony was introduced within Turin Motor program in October 1974, and vehicle

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● 1.5 litre "G4EK" Single Over Head Camshaft ● 1.5 litre "G4FK" DOHC Covers everything you need to know step by step procedures hundreds of photographs and illustrations routine maintenance electrical schematics repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregory's manuals are based on an actual vehicle disassembly and are researched and written by automotive motorers with vast experience. Gregory's workshop manuals are produced for the Australian market. These vehicle specifications may vary from those sold in other countries. Please be aware of these possible differences prior to using the data contained within. click here.....

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Engines Covered:* 1.5 liter (1468 cc) Single Over Head Camshaft or DOHC "G4AJ" as used in X1 and X2 models* 1.5 liter (1495 cc) Single Over Head Camshaft or DOHC "G4AK" as used in X3 modelsTransmissions covered are bolted to the engine`s right end on early models and the left end on 1991 and later models:* 4-speed manual* 5-speed manual* KM171-5-APX2 3-speed automatic 1994 and earlier* KM176 4-speed automatic 1994 and earlier* A4AF2 4-speed automatic 1995 and laterContents:* Introductory PagesAbout this Manual; Introduction to the Hyundai Excel; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting* Scheduled maintenance and tuning* Engines* General Engine Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning* Fuel and Exhaust pipess - Carburetted Engines* Fuel and Exhaust pipess - Fuel Injected Engines* Engine wirings* Emissions Control Systems* Clutch* Manual Transaxle* Automatic Transaxle* Driveaxles* Brakes* springs and shock absorbers and Steering click the link

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manuals here Hyundai Excel X3 Series 1994 - 2000 Owners Service Repair Manual Covers X3 Series - Sprint GX LX and GLX.Petrol motors covered:#9679; Alpha II 1.5 litre (1495 cubic centimetre ) 12 valve OHC four cylinderinder#9679; Alpha III 1.5 litre (1495 cubic centimetre ) 16 valve DOHC four cylinderindergearboxs Covered:#9679; M5AF3 5 gear manual#9679; A4AF2 4 speed automaticNOTE: No overhaul procedures are described for gearboxs. Maintenance adjustment and minor repair procedures are described plus removal and rElectronic Fuel Injectiontting of the gearboxs but it is recommended that major work or overhaul be entrusted to a gearbox specialist or Hyundau dealer.Contents:#9679; Vehicle Identification General Specifications#9679; General Information#9679; Lubrication and Maintenance#9679; Wheels Tyres#9679; motor Tune-Up#9679; Roadside Trouble Shooting#9679; motor#9679; cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here. . come here

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cylinder)Covers everything you need to know step by step procedures hundreds of photographs and illustrations scheduled upkeep electrical schematics repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregorys manuals are based on an actual vehicle disassembly and are researched and written by automotive engineers with vast experience.Gregorys workshop manuals are produced for the Australian market. These vehicle specifications may vary from those sold in other countries. Please be aware of these possible differences prior to using the data contained within.Published by Gregorys (Gregorys) Information on Repair and Service Manuals Note that repair manuals are normally produced for models sold in a particular country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as installed engines can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. more data

The Hyundai succeed, also called the Hyundai Pony, Hyundai Presto additionally the Mitsubishi Precis, was an automobile that was created by Hyundai engine Company from 1985 to 2000. It had been 1st front wheel drive vehicle produced by the South Korean manufacturer. The succeed number replaced Hyundai's back wheel drive Pony.

The Pony was introduced within Turin Motor program in October 1974, and vehicle was introduced in December 1975 as a 4-door sedan to compete with the Saehan Gemini and Kia Brisa. A pickup variation had been added in-may 1976, an estate in April 1977, and a 3-door hatchback in March 1980.

Hyundai began exporting the Pony to Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Egypt from 1976. European exports began in 1978 with Belgium and Netherlands, with Greece included briefly thereafter. Product sales regarding the sedan began in the uk in February 1982, which makes it the first Korean vehicles become marketed here. The pickup version is added in October that year, only available using the smaller 1.2 litre engine and a 380 kg payload.
a property variation joined up with the number in April 1977

The 1.2 L four-cylinder system advertised 55 PS in addition to 1.4 L produced 68 PS. The 1.4 GLS had been tested by the British automobile magazine Motor and top speed had been 92 mph with speed 0–60 mph in 15.3 moments.

The succeed had been launched as an alternative for Hyundai Pony. In the United States it absolutely was the company's first and just design, but as a result of a price of $4,995 USD being voted 'Best goods #10' by lot of money magazine, they set files for a first-year import by offering 168,882 models, helping drive the company's cumulative production past one million by 1986. Similar business profits ended up being replicated in Australian Continent, in which it had been coming in at A$9,990. Deals quickly fallen as severe high quality difficulties emerged using car.
1985–87 Hyundai Pony 5-door
MY1988-89 Hyundai Succeed 3-door

Variations offered were:

The United States

1.5 base
1.5 GL
1.5 GLS
1.5 GS

Australian Continent

1.5 L
1.5 GL
1.5 GLS
1.5 GT


1300 L/Sonnet
1300 GLS
1500 GL
1500 GLS


The second-generation succeed was given a facelift and a little enlarged from 1990 onwards, while its system used multi-point gasoline shot, and a new 4-speed overdrive automated transmission was provided. It had been offered in CX, LX and CXL trim levels in South Korea. The South Korean number is:

1.3 CX
1.3 LX
1.5 CX
1.5 LX
1.5 CXL.

The succeed was promoted in Eurasia because the Hyundai Pony or Pony X2. In the uk many areas of European countries, variations offered were:

1.3 S
1.3 Sonnet – changed 1.3 S base design
1.3 LS
1.5 GSi

However, some European areas failed to have the 1.3 variation therefore the range was:

1.5 L
1.5 LE
1.5 GL
1.5 LS
1.5 GS
1.5 GT – note, only a few areas got this version
1.5 GLS

From 1991, the 1.5 models had been badged 1.5i to denote gas injection.

All systems offered in united states have the 1.5-liter system, with automatic transmission as a freestanding selection for any design. The lineup offered by U.S. Hyundai dealers ended up being;


The 5 door model was available in Canada for a longer period and in a wider variance of trims. The Mitsubishi Precis emerged as a 3-door best, in trim amount comparable to the base and GL Hyundai-branded cars.

The Hyundai Accent , or Hyundai Verna in Southern Korea, try a subcompact vehicles from Hyundai. In Australia, the very first generation systems transported on the Hyundai succeed title utilized by the Accent's predecessor. The Accent had been changed in 2000 because of the Hyundai Verna in South Korea, although many international markets, including the USA, retained the "Accent" name.

The Accent try produced the Chinese markets by Beijing Hyundai Co., a jv with Beijing auto markets Corp. For Russian marketplace it really is put together by TagAZ plant in Taganrog. In Mexico, the Accent is sold by Chrysler while the Dodge Attitude, formerly Verna by Dodge. In Venezuela, Chrysler promoted them as Dodge Brisa until 2006. The Brisa was put together by Mitsubishi Motors at its plant in Barcelona, Venezuela. Since 2002, the Accent was the longest-running little household automobile offered in North America. In Puerto Rico, it's been sold due to the fact Hyundai Brio. In Russia, where in actuality the fourth generation Accent became the best-selling vehicle on the market last year, its sold while the Hyundai Solaris.

In 2008, Hyundai Accent was known as probably the most dependable sub-compact car by J.D. energy and colleagues.

The Hyundai Accent is launched as a substitute when it comes to Excel for 1995 design 12 months. It continued to be labeled as Dodge Brisa in Venezuela or Hyundai Excel in certain markets, like the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. In France, it absolutely was known as the Hyundai Pony.

In Australia, the X3 proved so popular that it was the next best-selling car in the nation in both 1996 and 1998. In the latter seasons, they achieved over 44,000 deals, an archive figure during the time, for an imported automobile. Between 1994 and 2000, some 200,000 X3s were sold in Australian Continent, rendering it arguably the essential successful imported car in the country's history.

In addition in Australian Continent, from 11/97 onwards, these model are installed standard with a DOHC 1.5 L. The G4FK is an alternative when it comes to tired G4EK SOHC. The latest engine produced 74 kW at 6000 rpm and a max torque of 134 N·m at 4000 rpm. This motor is available in America inside Accent GT.

The Accent had been marketed in saloon, hatchback, and coupé form in UK, with a range of three motors per: a 1.3 12v, 1.5 12v and a 1.5 16v petrol. There is no diesel choice. A GSi spec vehicle is the top-specification Accent.

The MVi-spec coupé version won specific compliments for the handling agility in the UK. Even though Accent is cost effective to purchase and insure, its motors are very dehydrated; the 1.5-litre came back 33 mpg-imp average relating to record figures.

Though guides exists for Accents pre and post 1999, a manual for 1999 Hyundai Accent is not posted. Additionally, owners of the 1999 model were informed by their dealers that power output for the 1.5 L engine was at fact ranked at 88 horse power.

The 1998 Hyundai Accent ended up being crash-tested by the European New vehicles Assessment Programme and demonstrated instead bad results, scoring just 4 explains of 16 for frontal impact. The passenger area became unstable in crash test. It absolutely was determined that there ended up being an unacceptable high-risk of chest injury during side influence crash, as a result, the vehicle will never meet up with the lowest appropriate requirement in 1999. The Swedish insurance company, Folksam, costs the 1st-gen Accent among the safest vehicles in its fat lessons.
In an immediate injections motor, gasoline was inserted to the burning chamber rather than injection before the consumption valve or a different pre-combustion chamber.

In a standard train system, the fuel through the gasoline tank comes towards the typical header. This gas is then sent through tubing to your injectors, which inject they to the burning chamber. The header have a higher pressure relief device to keep up the stress in header and return the extra gasoline toward gas container. The gasoline try dispersed with a nozzle this is certainly launched and closed with a needle valve, managed with a solenoid. Once the solenoid is certainly not triggered, the spring causes the needle valve to the nozzle passageway and prevents the injection of gas into the cylinder. The solenoid lifts the needle device from the valve chair, and gas under great pressure is sent in the engine cylinder. Third-generation typical rail diesels use piezoelectric injectors for increased precision, with fuel pressures up to 1,800 club or 26,000 psi.

Direct gas injection costs over indirect shot techniques: the injectors face additional heat and force, so more expensive products and higher-precision electronic administration methods are required.
Diesel engines

Many diesel engines have gasoline inserted to the burning chamber.

Earlier techniques, relying on less complicated injectors, frequently inserted into a sub-chamber shaped to swirl the compressed air and improve burning; this was known as indirect injection. However, this is less efficient as compared to now common direct injection which initiation of burning takes place in a depression inside top regarding the piston.

Through the entire early history of diesels, these were constantly given by a technical pump with a tiny individual chamber per cylinder, feeding individual gasoline outlines and specific injectors. Many these types of pumps are in-line, though some are rotary.

Modern diesel engines make use of typical railway or unit injector direct injections methods.

Gas motors
gas direct shot

Todays gasoline engines also utilise direct shot, which is described as gas direct shot. This is actually the next thing in advancement from multi-point fuel injections, while offering another magnitude of emission controls by reducing the "wet" portion of the induction system over the inlet system.

By virtue of much better dispersion and homogeneity of directly injected gas, the cylinder and piston tend to be cooled, thereby allowing higher compression ratios and earlier ignition timing, with resultant improved energy result. Considerably accurate management of the fuel injections celebration furthermore allows much better control of emissions. Finally, the homogeneity associated with the fuel combination permits leaner air/fuel ratios, which with additional exact ignition timing can develop gas effectiveness. Additionally, the engine can work with stratified mixtures, and hence prevent throttling losings at lowest and component system load. Some direct-injection systems integrate piezoelectronic fuel injectors. With their fast reaction time, numerous injections events can happen during each pattern of every cylinder regarding the engine.
The redesigned 1999 Accent sported an even more angular human anatomy and increased measurements. They gotten a facelift in 2003, and was given the design signal LC2. When the Accent sedan underwent a 2006 redesign, the hatchback proceeded available for sale during 2006 only in Canada, since the hatchback skipped the 2006 design year the US. But also for Korea, it absolutely was initial design with the newer nameplate: Verna.

The Accent got brand-new 1.5-litre 12-valve SOHC and 16-valve DOHC machines: the 1.3 continued unchanged. A 1.6-litre changed the 1.5 engine for 2000. This Accent has also been the first ever to have a diesel version, with a 1.5-litre three-cylinder direct injection turbodiesel, that was badged CRDi.

Trim values had been GSi, CDX and MVi: this is standard of all export variations, however some European areas had their own designations with brands like DynamicVersion etc. Some markets utilized LS and GLS.

In North America the Accent was for sale in GL, GLS and GT trim levels best, using the 1.5-litre engine initially, then 1.6-litre motor from 2002. The GT version is just like the MVi variation marketed in European countries and Oceania, although the human body kit had not been as overtly hot hatch styled.

During 2003 in Canada, the hatchback ended up being supplied as a GS or GSi with a 1.5 L or 1.6 L system, correspondingly.

It had been offered in Russia until 2011 since the Hyundai Accent side-by-side with all the third generation design which can be offered since the Hyundai Verna. It absolutely was launched in India in October 1999 as "Accent" and had been nonetheless in production after some small facelifts; the automobile is phased out in 2013 and replaced because of the Hyundai Xcent in March 2014.


1.5 L 12-valve SOHC Alpha I4, 92 hp @5500 rpm and 97 lb·ft @2900 rpm**0–100 km/h: 12.0 sec., top rate: 181 km/h
1.5 L 16-valve DOHC Alpha I4, 101 hp and 98 lb·ft
0–100 km/h: 11.6 sec., top speeds: 185 km/h
1.6 L 16-valve DOHC Alpha I4, 104 hp and 106 lb·ft
0–100 km/h: 10.9 sec., top speed: 189 km/h
1.5 L CRDi VM R315 U-Line I3, 82 hp and 137 lb·ft
0–100 km/h: 14.0 sec., top rate: 170 km/h


A pre-2003 model is crash tested by Australian Australasian unique vehicle evaluation Program underneath the principles as followed by Euro NCAP. It scored 10.76 out of 16 guidelines for front offset effect and 10.96 from 16 into the part influence test.

Similar un-restyled model, a four-door sedan was indeed crash tested by Russian mag Autoreview in 2005. Test is done on Euro NCAP laws. Inspite of the not enough airbags they scored 9.9 of 16 for front effect.

The 2003 restyled model was tested by ANCAP as well. The three-door hatchback scored 9.19 of 16 points for frontal influence and 9.76 out-of 16 in side impact crash test.
Hyundai introduced a new-generation Accent during the 2005 New York worldwide automobile Show. A fresh outside, larger inside, and CVVT engine would be the notable services.

One trim level, GLS, is available in the united states for the sedan. This sedan includes 6 airbags, air-con, energy steering with tilt, with recommended four-wheel disk antilock brake system with electric brake-force circulation, and a 6-speaker CD stereo. Reasonably limited recreation package include air-conditioning, 15 inch alloy rims, energy windows and heated mirrors, and remote energy home hair. A computerized transmission can also be available.

Hyundai started selling the 3-door hatchback in the usa during springtime 2006 as a 2007 model seasons car. The 3-door is available in two trims – GS and SE. The GS try furnished much like the GLS sedan, with a few products erased for a base cost of US$10,415. The SE replaces the former Accent GT, offering a sport-tuned suspension, 16 in. alloy wheels, alongside sporting qualities, along with offered dealer-installed efficiency components such as a cold-air intake and suspension anxiety club. The SE comes whilst the Verna athletics in Korea. The Hyundai Accent SR was unique to Canada and only 500 were made, this version is much like the Accent SE, and also has got the fender flares, front lip, rear lip, and exhaust suggestion. In addition incorporated with the SR variation may be the Clarion speakers with, 4channel Amplifier with 400 Watts, 7 presenter Audio System, with 10-inch Subwoofer in a custom made box. Dash has a Carbon Fiber Trim Kit included with it. For the 2010 model season a "Blue" trim levels was launched for Accent with a base price of only US$9,970. The Accent azure is just available as a 3-door hatchback with a manual transmission, the only option becoming air-conditioning which adds $1,000 into price.

The Accent try currently the third-bestselling subcompact vehicles in the usa, trailing after its rivals the Chevrolet Aveo and Toyota Yaris. This year, Forbes called the Accent amongst the ten worst cars for depreciation.

In European countries, this design is greatly marketed by the motoring press, and even Hyundai on their own, as a "stopgap" design – it was meant simply to connect the gap in Hyundai's range until a fresh tiny families automobile premiered in 2007. The newest vehicle, the Hyundai i30, changed both Accent together with larger Hyundai Elantra. Title change aided to distance the brand new model through the budget trustworthiness of the Accent, and also to highlight the latest vehicle can undoubtedly participate in tiny household hatchback industry – some thing the Accent had been a little too smaller to-do, and Elantra too big. The Accent always been sold in U.S. in 2008 with an instrument panel overhaul and standard rear cupholders within the SE model.


1.4 L I4, 97.3 PS and 127 N·m
1.6 L CVVT Alpha II I4, 112 PS and 145 N·m
1.5 L-D I4 turbodiesel, 110 PS and 235 N·m, fitted with typical railway direct shot and variable geometry turbocharger

In Mexico, this really is sold since the Dodge personality: trim values become 1.4 GL and 1.6 GLS. Hyundai does not have any formal representation in Mexico, therefore select Hyundai systems is rebranded as Dodges under an agreement with Chrysler's Mexican unit.

In India, it is promoted as Hyundai Verna. The earlier generation remains in production alongside as a cheaper alternate, marketed because the Hyundai Accent.

In Egypt, this generation is sold as the Hyundai brand new Accent, in addition to past model remains locally created and sold as Hyundai Verna

In 2008, Hyundai Accent received the cheapest number of dilemmas per 100 cars among compact multi-activity automobiles when you look at the proprietary J.D. energy and Associates 2008 automobile reliability StudySM. Study predicated on answers from over 52,000 earliest people who own 2005 model-year automobiles, measuring a lot more than 250 designs. Proprietary research results are considering experiences and perceptions of proprietors surveyed in January to April 2008.

In 2006, based on the Insurance Institute for Highway security, the Accent got a satisfactory overall rating when you look at the front crash make sure an unhealthy general score for into the part impact test without their recommended side airbags. It didn't work even if loaded with part airbags, overall performance of vehicles's structure try limited there may likely be injuries to body organs, ribs and pelvis. In 2007, 2006 12 months type of Hyundai Accent have been tested by ANCAP in Summer 2007. They scored 3 celebrity when you look at the Occupant defense, and 2 celebrity in Pedestrian Protection score.

You would need nominate the 1994 Excel given that model that placed Hyundai on the map as a main-stream marque in Australian Continent.

Before that the South Korean maker was indeed offering up indifferently built rehashes of Mitsubishi products. Nevertheless the '94 succeed changed that whilst was far more Hyundai's very own services and it took your local marketplace by violent storm.

There was clearly a distinct knock-on effect, too. The succeed not merely modified conventional perceptions of the various other versions but changed just how numerous Australians looked at buying a brand new vehicle. And, they smashed the used-car markets; individuals who would otherwise have bought a second-hand car, trooped into showrooms for an innovative new succeed.

Holders fell into two camps, also. Some saw the succeed as providing them for some ages and being worth absolutely nothing; other individuals saw the chance of purchasing a new car - probably their particular earliest - and managed it properly. This means there are two forms of succeed being offered in 2005 - trashed or cared-for but undoubtedly worn.

The good news is that a put Excel are quite simple and easy don't trigger too many dilemmas to help keep it working. Even better, they are today dirt cheap.

Powering the Excel was a 1.5-litre engine that used three valves per cylinder operated by just one overhead camshaft. With its final years, a twin-cam variation upped the energy to 74 kW.

Into the lightweight succeed, it designed for better overall performance nonetheless it is never ever something like processed or sporty.

But watch out for the Excel that includesn't had its share of oils adjustment. The initial signs and symptoms of this tend to be noisy hydraulic lash adjusters but it is all downhill after that together with system at some point roll over and die. Proprietors whom neglected coolant adjustment ran the risk of interior engine harm might destroy the cylinder mind or cause the mind gasket to blow.

Apart from that, the Excel's engine is fairly trustworthy and sturdy however you however have to watch for oil leaks and smoke through the exhaust, which suggests significant internal use.

The gearboxes are also sensibly good, although avoid automatics that do not grab gears rapidly and smoothly or manuals that graunch changes, specially from earliest to 2nd equipment.

More buyers decided on the fundamental three-door succeed Sprint. Besides a radio-cassette, you got nothing, to help you forget about air-conditioning, air bags, abdominal muscles brake system and any trim product, apart from inexpensive cloth facings the chairs and discouraging grey synthetic. Also power steering ended up being an extra-cost alternative, and an Excel without it may be vastly less pleasant to park and push. All sorts of things to check on any prospective acquisition very carefully since there is some Excels with zero recommended gear.

Handling and ride had been okay provided your didn't confuse the succeed with either a sports car or a limousine nevertheless suspension system equipment sometimes wore away pretty quickly, resulting in careless managing and roadholding. Front disc brake system are vulnerable to use and warping, therefore ensure that the car you're looking at does not shimmy or wobble from forward end under braking. Make sure that the rotors haven't become machined beyond their minimal depth, also, as this is a type of el-cheapo resolve for warped rotors.

The truth is, the later design Accent is a better quality vehicle and a much less dangerous plus refined one in to the deal. However if bargain-bin rummaging is your thing, then a well preserved, low-kilometre Excel might be at the very least just like any one of their contemporary, low-dollar resistance.

Keep in mind the story told to the line, however, by a succeed owner just who proudly stated that in the 90,000 kilometres he'd possessed their vehicles, the oil wasn't altered once. The scary parts was which he approached this maltreatment as a badge of honour. These types of is the mind-set that provides some designs a worse character than they need.

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